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Gun Transfers & Shipping

Gun Transfers

If you have a gun that you need shipped to you through a Federal Firearms License (FFL), we can help. Legally, a gun must be shipped from one FFL to another FFL and then we may release it to you following a background check.

How it works: We need to supply a copy of our FFL information to the "shipper" to certify that we are a licensed dealer. At that time they will ship the gun to our store. Once the gun arrives at the store, the customer must fill out the necessary paperwork and go through a background check. Once we have approval, we may release the firearm to the customer. There is a mandatory 48 hour hold on all handguns.

Transfer Rates:
Handguns: $35 (includes $12 background check fee)
Long guns: $35

Gun Shipping

If you need to ship out a gun, we can help.

How it works: We will need to receive a copy of the receiver's FFL. Once we certify that the receiver is licensed, we will then ship the firearm. Guns should be fully packaged by the customer. We will provide a tracking number upon request.

Shipping Rates:
Handguns: $15
Long Guns: $25
*Customer is responsible for insurance. $1.00 per hundred*
*Shipping prices are subject to change based upon size/weight of package, shipping method, etc.*

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