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Turkey Hunting Tips from the Turkey Commander

Posted by Loren Voss on


Talk to land owner
Look for feathers
Look for tracks
Look for POOP
Look for roost trees
Look for dirt bath areas
Look for scratched up areas


Practice calling at home
Never call in field unless hunting
Use locator calls during day light
Have 4 to 5 calls to switch between-do not use same call over and over
If blind calling, do every 15 minutes


Spend a little more money and avoid cheap decoys
Do not use spinning decoys
Make your own decoy out of Jake or hen hide
Face decoys towards you
Jake over hen is a great decoy
Full fan decoy brings big one in (may stop younger birds from coming in)
If area has been hunted a lot, do not use decoys (Toms maybe decoy shy)


Ghillie suit
Turkey vest
3 or 3 ½ inch shot gun (sighted in)
Pop up blinds
Face mask or face paint
Camo clothes (gloves and face mask)
Shooting stick
Turkey carrier (dowel with rope)
Orange hat or vest (NEVER wear white-red-blue clothes)

After the Kill:

Pluck or skin bird
Smoke bird
Bake in bag with pork sausage, bacon, fatty hamburger
Cut ½ inch cubes bread and fry
Make turkey spread with mayo, celery, onion, pepper and salt (no salt if using smoked turkey)


Full mount (takes up 16 square feet)
Wall mount
Fan mount
Spurs on necklace or StringDry Feet